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National Health

Revolutionizing Health through Science and Engineering

The National Health Mission Area at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory aims to revolutionize health through science and engineering. 

Public health threats in the U.S. and around the world continue to impact U.S. civilians and military personnel. New approaches are needed to protect civilian populations and our warfighters in the face of such threats. We envision a future where we can better measure and quantify health; better predict and prevent injury, illness, and disease; assure access to reliable care in every environment; and ensure global health security.

Our work occupies a unique position at the intersection of fundamental and applied research in biological sciences, innovative modeling, sensor development, data collection and analytics, and systems engineering. 不朽情缘最新APP下载-权威认证-apple app store-不朽情缘最新APP下载科技有限公司可以利用巨大的, cross-disciplinary capabilities and expertise at APL and across Johns Hopkins University to solve the nation’s most critical health challenges.

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