Special Operations

Mission Area

Special Operations

Johns Hopkins APL’s Special Operations Mission Area creates and enables asymmetric capabilities for the special operations community through objective technical expertise, development of emerging technologies, and quick-response solutions. These include raising situational awareness through high-precision, countermeasure-resistant tailored technology for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance. We also provide increased capabilities for military information support operations and counterproliferation of weapons of mass destruction.


  • Special Operations Forces in an Arctic environment (Credit: U.S. Navy)

    Mobile Communications

    Special Operations Forces (SOF) continue to rely on APL expertise to understand the communications technology landscape, inform requirements development, and identify options for mobile communications capabilities across a variety of operational scenarios.
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  • Abstract representation of data analysis (Credit: Bigstock)

    Better Options for Data Analytics

    The open-architecture tool we developed for U.S. Special Operations Command’s Science and Technology Directorate limits dependence on a single vendor and enables the command to evaluate data analysis and visualization tools against defined data and interfaces.
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  • EMAPS technology allows operators to map areas and confined spaces that GPS cannot "see."

    Enhanced Mapping and Positioning System (EMAPS)

    We continue to strengthen EMAPS, a portable mapping system carried in a backpack, for the Department of Defense’s Chemical and Biological Defense Program.
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